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                                  Pro Tapes & Specialties? is a tape manufacturer and specialty converter with over 40 years of experience. In addition to our Pro? brand of high quality specialty adhesive tapes, we provide contract converting services that help improve our client's profitability, streamline their supply chain and reduce inventory cost. We offer the most complete range of converting capabilities in the industry.

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                                  Our Converting Services

                                  • Wide Web Slitting
                                  • Narrow Web Slitting
                                  • Lathe Slitting
                                  • Flexo Printing
                                  • Flatbed Die-cutting
                                  • Rotary Die-cutting
                                  • Laminating
                                  • Packaging Solutions

                                  Wide Web / Rewind Slitters

                                  • 11 units: widths up to 2 meters (78.74”)
                                  • Slitting methods: razor, score and shear set up capabilities
                                  • Cores sizes: 1”, 1 ½”, 3”, up to 6” core I.D.
                                  • Finished rolls up to 800mm O.D. with automatic off load.
                                  • Wide Web Laminating: 6 units, up to 1800mm wide [70.87”].
                                  • Rewind methods: lock core, slip core, traditional differential and pneumatic differential (each roll is independent) core
                                  • Profile controls: minimum gap, center surface, taper tension, and lay on rollers
                                  • Substrates: Non-PSA, PSA Single-faced, PSA Double-coated, Paper, Cloth, Films, Specialty, Butyl Rubber, Foams, Vinyl, PVC, etc.
                                  • Tabbing: Standard paper tabs for start-up and double-coated tabs for non-PSA products or linered products.
                                  • Capable to convert any type of PSA or non-PSA material up to 5mm in thickness
                                  • Computerized winding controls with programmable roll profile, adjusting torque and speed
                                  • Maximum rewind diameter up to 800mm
                                  • Automatic blade positioning with accuracy of +/_ 0.1mm
                                  • Laser core positioning
                                  • Storable production recipes for repeatability

                                  Narrow Web / Rewind Slitters

                                  • Slitting methods: razor, score, rotary die and shear
                                  • Widths: 6mm to 300mm
                                  • Tolerance: +/- .03125, .005 upon request
                                  • Core sizes: 1” 1 ½” and 3”, up to 18” finished roll O.D.
                                  • Laminating: five substrates up to 300mm
                                  • Rewind methods: lock, slip and differential (each roll is independent) core
                                  • Tabbing: Standard paper tabs for start-up and double-coated tabs for non-PSA products and linered products
                                  • Substrates: Non-PSA, PSA Single-faced, PSA Double-coated, Paper, Cloth, Films, Specialty, Butyl Rubber, Foams, Vinyl, PVC, etc.

                                  Lathe Slitters

                                  • Single and double blade as well as saw blade
                                  • Slit to widths as narrow as 1/64”
                                  • Tolerance: +/- .005, up to 700mm (28”) O.D. of base stock.
                                  • Core sizes: 1”, 1 ½” and 3” I.D.
                                  • Microprocessor controls, job numbers assigned for each customer, automatic setup
                                  • Slitting profile controls: self-lubricating, auto sharpening, lock or driven blade
                                  • Substrates: Non-PSA, PSA Single-faced, PSA Double-coated, Paper, Cloth, Films, Specialty, Butyl Rubber, Foams, Vinyl, PVC, etc.

                                  Flexo Printing

                                  • Up to 3 colors, repeats up to one meter, [39.37”]
                                  • Substrate can be one color plus three color print (4 color)
                                  • Ability to print & die-cut inline one pass
                                  • Web width up to 300mm
                                  • 1”, 1-1/2” and 3” ID finished roll core capability

                                  Flatbed Die Cutting

                                  • Can process thicker and larger parts
                                  • Processing of thicker Volara foams for medical use
                                  • 12” x 12” die dimensions / Steel rule tooling

                                  Rotary Die Cutting

                                  • Repeats lengths from 6” up to 39.37”
                                  • Can be processed in roll form or individual parts for more efficient customer use
                                  • Faster processing, more cost effective
                                  • Parts and liners can be printed as well as die-cut
                                  • Laminate up to 4 materials inline and multi-layer cut
                                  • Web widths up to 300mm
                                  • Waste/scrap ejection
                                  • Solid dies, flexible dies, floating dies, vacuum and air ejection


                                  • Wide web laminating up to three substrates 1800mm wide with full capabilities to slit or log finished product inline.
                                  • Narrow web laminating up to five substrates 300mm wide with full capabilities to slit, die cut or print product inline.
                                  • Capable of adding adhesive or release liners to a wide range of substrates up to 6mm in thickness.

                                  Packaging Solutions

                                  • Fully automatic in - line roll wrapping
                                  • Clear & Printed sleeve wrapping
                                  • Open and closed core shrink wrapping
                                  • PSA roll labeling, in line
                                  • Robotic case packing
                                  • Bulk pack with silicone
                                  • Poly and zip lock bagging
                                  • Sleeve, single tower and accordion style wrapping
                                  • Blister and clam shell display packs
                                  • Core labeling sticker
                                  • Private label branding
                                  • In house design and support
                                  • Custom designs: core, boxes, sleeves, shrink wrap, roll label
                                  • Custom packaging configurations available
                                  • Retail ready packaging
                                  • GS1 Registered UPC barcoding available

                                  Our products by category

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                                  • We've invested to be cutting edge

                                    We’ve made substantial investments in fully-automated technology to be a leader in the converting and packaging of pressure sensitive adhesives.

                                  • YOUR GLOBAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER

                                    We have a solution for all your tape needs, such as advanced converting services, new product development, custom die cutting, product finishing or packaging configurations and procurement or inventory management.

                                  • Technical support from an experienced staff

                                    Our product specialists are the most knowledgeable in the industry and can assist in application support and strategize on how to improve product quality and performance.

                                  • Held to the highest standards

                                    We follow all industry best practices and are certified in ISO 9001 Standards, FDA Registered, GS1 Registered, IMDS Registered and EDI Compliant.

                                  Packaging Solutions

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                                  Shrink Wrapping 12 Rolls
                                  Accordion Style
                                  Inner Pack with
                                  Silicone Sheets
                                  Bagged w/Desiccant
                                  Packs and Core Plugs
                                  Roll label with UPC barcoding
                                  Half-moon roll label
                                  Clam shell
                                  Clam shell





                                  Pro Tapes? is committed to a culture of being friendly to the environment and maintaining the highest corporate citizenship standard, protecting the health and safety of our employees while positively impacting the community in which we operate.

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